Vortrag: Architecture & DevOps

Most talks we hear at conferences talk about the meta perspective: making the Scrum Master even better at coaching agile teams, exploring product opportunities with new and interesting canvas solutions. But we don’t feel there is enough focus on the people on the ground delivering products. This would really move the Scrum downfield in our opinion.

This talk is such a talk that is usually missing…

Software Architecture is about the important things, where “important” means high-risk and hard-to-change decisions. DevOps tries to develop a culture where constant experimentation and learning takes place while the environment changes rapidly. How can this go together?

In this talk we will talk about general strategies agile teams can use to build and foster a DevOps culture while at the same time ensuring high-quality and sustainable software delivery. These strategies will be illustrated with real-world examples from different domains and environments. While discussing these examples we will make the general ideas and principles tangible and connect them with proven and executable practices that can directly be applied.

After this talk every member of the audience will be equipped with at least one concrete idea to be tried and implemented immediately.