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We offer DevOps trainings for various audiences and with different topics and content. Starting with a beginners training up to advanced trainings for intermediate and professional practitioners.

We are always happy to provide you with bespoke trainings for your individual needs. Please get in contact.

We don’t offer just trainings. We also collaborate with our clients as technical advisors and coaches.

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DevOps Lab

Modern IT-systems are subject to ever faster development cycles. At the same time they get more and more complex. This means that close collaboration between Development and IT-Operations in a DevOps manner gets more important. This training teaches the cultural and technological basics of DevOps.

The training targets members of development and operations teams like software developers, sysadmins and testers and everyone else who has an interest in DevOps who are not afraid of Tech.

We experience the culture, principles and practices of DevOps in an ongoing and practical case study. We use state-of-the-art technology and work in small groups.

We also offer private in-house trainings for your team.

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Peter und Oliver haben mich in 2 Tagen galant durch eine Vielzahl von Themen geführt, ohne dass diese mich erschlagen hätten. […] Peter und Oliver machen in 2 Tagen eine Tür zu einer digitalisierten Welt auf.

Jan Fischbach (http://www.teamworkblog.de/2018/12/digitalisierung-und-devops.html)


2 days


DevOps Advanced

Our DevOps Lab provides a solid foundation for your work - but in only two days we cannot cover every topich in-depth. If you are interested in for example a Docker Deep Dive or in certain questions about CI/CD, we are happy to provide an individual offer for you.

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To be discussed in your context, usually 1-3 days.


We will offer topics that fit your needs. Example areas include:

Leadership for DevOps

This training enables managers to understand and apply the culture and principles of DevOps. Using this knowledge, they are able to trigger change in their organisations and successfully introduce DevOps principles.

This training targets leaders and managers from development and operations, as well as from business departments.

We get to know DevOps culture, principles and practices using hands-on simulations. Exchanging experiences between participants is very important to us and will be given due space during the training.

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1 day